Rila is the highest mountain in Bulgaria and in the Balkan Peninsula with it highest peak Musala (2925 meters altitude). Rila is situated in the southwest of Bulgaria, between Struma River in the west, the Rodhopi Mountain in the east, Samokovsko Plato in the nord and Pirin Mountian in the south.

Rila is with a glacial origin. Rila is a granite mountain, with impressive peaks, wide circuses and beautiful mountain lakes. In the highest parts of the mountains there are rocky peaks (with average high the main ridges of 2700meters), wide meadows, pines and horsetail. In the lower part of the mountain one can see spruces, white and black pines and fir-trees. Flocks of wild goats are wandering in the solitary places of Rila.

Rila?s lakes are very important for the tourism development. Along with the typical for this area alpine relief and the specific climate, they are conducting people, who like nature and mountains to this place.

Some of biggest rivers in Bulgaria, such as Iskar, Maritsa and Mesta, take their sources from Rila.

The biggest monastery on the peninsula is built in the very heart of the Rila Mountain. St. Ivan Rilski founded it in 10th century. At present, the monastery complex (included in UNESCO?s list) is regarded as a masterpiece of the Bulgarian 19th century architecture. The museum, the medieval tower from 1335, the frescoes with their marvelous colors, complete the capturing beauty of the monastery.