Pirin is situated in Southwestern Bulgaria between the valleys of Struma river to the west and Mesta River to the east. To the north it borders with the Rila Mountain and to the south with the Slavyanka Mountain.

The mountain owes its extraordinary beauty to the Quaternary. During this period of the formation, the terrestrial surface was completely covered with ice. Due to the glacial activities we have now the opportunity to admire the wonderful views of the peaks. The glacial lowlands and abysses with their necklaces of lakes are a delight to the eye. Some of the biggest circuses in Pirin are Banderishki, Vassiliashki, Popovoezeren etc.

It is not always right to think that one mountain is more beautiful than other, because everybody find his own beauty in different things and places. Yet, if you like mountains with alpine relief ? high peaks, deep precipices with vertically groans, clear alpine lakes and fast rivers, Pirin Mountain is the best place to visit.

Pirin takes second place with its peaks, which are higher than 2800 meters. The highest peak in Pirin is named Vihren (2914 meters altitude).

To keep the beauty of the nature and the exceptional flora and fauna, Pirin territory is one of the National Parks in Bulgaria. In 1983 the National Park ? Pirin is acknowledged as a part of the World Nature Heritage and is included in the list of the Protection of the World Culture and Nature Heritage Convention.