Stara Planina (The Balkan)


Stara Planina is the biggest and the longest (550km) Bulgarian Mountain. It lays across the hole country from Serbia to Black Sea. The highest peak is Botev (2376m). On the west, Stara Planina ends at Vrashka Chuka pass and on the east at cape Emine (Black Sea). The Balkan is bordered on the north by the Danube Plain and on the south by Sofia valley, Sredna Gora and Takiiska lowland.

Stara Planina is divided into three parts: West, Middle and East Stara Planina.

West Stara Planina

Its length is 215 km. The relief is not alpine, except the Vrachanska Mountain, which gives the great opportunity of practicing alpinism. There are a lot of caves that is the reason why this part is visited from a lot of speleologists. The highest peak here is Kom (2016m).


Middle Stara Planina

This is the highest and the most attractive part of the mountain. Except its highest peak Botev (2376m), there are some others well-known peaks such as Vejen (2198m), Goliam Kupen (2169m) and Ambarica (2166m). In this part of the mountain is situated the National Park ? Central Balkan?, Troyan, Kapinovski and Dryanovski monasteries.


East Stara Planina

This part is known by its hilly, low alpine relief and is very easy to cross, which makes it the most visited part of Stara Planina. Here are situated the Sliven mountain (high and with alpine relief near the Blue Rocks) and the National Park ? Blue rocks?.