Bgtour organizes excursions in Bulgarian Mountains!!!

Bulgaria is a small piece of paradise, where one can find a combination between an azure sea and impressive mountains, peaks, covered with snow. Despite of the fact that Bulgaria occupies only 2% of the Europe territory, it has very beautiful nature with a huge variety of landscapes and a very nice climate. There is a great diversity of flora and fauna and also a lot of mineral springs. A lot of picturesque ways lead to the exceptionally beautiful Bulgarian Mountains - Pirin, Rila, Stara Planina (the Balkan) and Rodhopi with their virgin forests, a lot of caves, gorges, waterfalls and lakes.

We are proposing you to take those interesting routes with us and to enjoy all those picturesque and charming views in our mountains. We can successfully make the right tour for you, having in mind what you want to see (high mountain or maybe deep forest), how many days you want to spend for your vacation, and how many hours a day you would like to walk. This way, we can find and decide which route will be the most suitable for you. After considering all those main points, we can make the accommodations and food arrangements for the cabins, and organize the transportation to the village where we'll start our tour.

Taking a look at our web site gives you an idea of the person who is organizing and making the tours - he is a very experienced and well-trained mountain-climber. Also you can consult our main tours. Have in mind that we can always organize more different tours, knowing your preferences.

We'll be very happy to meet you!