Important to know!

What you have to know for your vacation?

We are those who take care of everything connected to your vacation. Together we can choose the most suitable tour for you, having in mind your wills and the time that you want to spend in our mountains. We’ll take care for the accommodations – hotel in the village from where we’ll start the tour and hunt, cabin during the march.


What kind of excursions we are proposing you?

Our excursions are organized. Our guide is meeting you at the airport of Sofia, takes care of the transportation from Sofia to the place, where the march will start, gives you important advises where to buy food (if you do not us to take care of the food during your excursion). With him you can visit outfit stores in Bulgaria if you need to buy or you miss something.



We’ll spend the nights in hotels (in the villages from where we’ll start the march) and in hunts, cabins and tents – during the march. In some places there are separate rooms with an washroom, but usually in the high mountains, the rooms in the cabins are for more than 4 person with a shared washroom and bathroom which very often is outside the cabin



We are proposing you two possibilities:

First possibility – we take care of the food in the places where we’ll spend the night (breakfast and dinner), and for lunch – sandwiches.

Second possibility – everybody is taking care of its food for the period of the march. Sometimes in the cabins, you can order hot food and almost always there is tea and coffee.

The food that is offered in the cabins is from our traditional kitchens and for some of you it may be not tasty.
We are suggesting for all of you (no matter if you choose the first or the second possibility) to have an emergency rations of food in your backpacks.



We prefer to work with small groups, which knows each other and have about the same preparation, wills and goals. This way, the choice of the right mountain for the march will be easier and the pleasure of the march will be for everybody.


What is included in our price?

For our organized excursions the price includes: food, accommodations, transportation from Sofia to the village, where the march will start and after the excursion finishes – back to Sofia, mountain insurance, tourist fees and the guide’s charge. This price is 75 Euros per 24 hours and is calculated, based on the different duration of the marches.

Our price DOES NOT include the price for your plane or train ticket to Sofia, personal travel insurance, tickets for museums and other cultural-historical places, which are on our march and can be visited if you want so!!!

When making your reservation, you should pay 15% of the total price. This sum is not refundable if you cancel the reservation

Bank account information is:

Antoaneta Balabanova

IBAN: BG84 UBBS 8002 4427 2351 10



How and when you can make your reservation?

You can make your reservation at least three weeks before the your excursion starts. If you need to cancel your excursion it should be done at least one week before the starting date.

The web form for reservation you can find here or on page "Contact Us".



In our site, you can see one long tour for each of the mountains – Rila, Pirin, Rhodopes, Stara Planina (the Balkan). They can be modified due to the time that you have for your vacation and having in mind your wills.


Alpine outfit

To get the full pleasure of your excursion it is very important to be in good shape and well equipped.

1. Comfortable and big enough backpack.
2. Small frameless backpack.
3. Shoes – the most important thing!!! They should be comfortable, strong and solid to support the ankles and with good grippers. If they are new, make sure to wear them at least couple of time before starting the march.
4. Running shoes or sandals (for the rest time in the cabins).
5. Couple pairs of socks (have in mind how long the excursion will be).
6. Underwear.
7. Tee-shirts (short and long sleeves).
8. Shorts.
9. Warm jacket with a hood.
10. Waterproof jacket or an anorak.
11. A raincoat.
12. A woolen sweater.
13. Gloves and woolen hat.
14. Summer hat and sunglasses.
15. Water bottle.
16. Lantern and batteries.
17. Pocket knife.
18. Whistle.
19. Towel, soap and other toilet articles.
20. Toilet paper.
21. Anti-sun cream (high factor).
22. Lip balsam.
23. A little soap-suds.
24. Medications – aspirin (to prevent the mussel fever), paracetamol, adhesive tape, bandage, antibiotic cream, anti-mosquito cream or spray.

Make sure that your backpack is waterproof. If you are not sure whether your backpack is waterproof or not – put all your staff in nylon bags and after put them in the backpack.