About Bulgaria


The Republic of Bulgaria is a country situated in the southeastern part of Europe.
On the north of the country is the Republic of Rumania, on the east is the Black Sea, on the south ? the Republic of Turkey and Greece, and on the west ? Macedonia and Serbia.

The surface of our country is 110 993 square kilometers and the population of Bulgaria is 7 973 673 (in 2001). Sofia is the capital of Bulgaria and the official language is Bulgarian.

The relief of Bulgaria is highly varied. The approximate attitude of the country is 470m. The climate is middle-continental with the influence of the Black Sea from the east and Mediterranean from the south.

The main rivers are ? Danube, Maritsa, Mesta, Struma and Iskar. The warm and cold mineral springs are situated on more than 600m attitude, and the lakes are coastal (some of them are with medicinal mud) and glacial (in Rila and Pirin).

The flora and fauna are also highly varied. To preserve the nature in Bulgaria there is a law named ? The law for the protected territories.?

Bulgaria is a member of the European Union since the 1st of January 2007.