About the guide


I've been walking around our mountains since I was a child. My love for them came from my parents - patriots, and later on from my teachers and friends. My alpine experience date as far back as my school years. Fascinated by the orientation courses, speleologism, tourism, bonfires, and the beauty of the nature, I connected my life with the mountains forever.
My University years were devoted to the Alpine Club "Akademik" - Varna. A lot of the famous Bulgarian alpinists were my teachers and friends. I am very grateful to them because they made me the person who I am now.
I am a certified alpine guide and rescuer. In 1974 I've been granted the title of Outstanding person of the Bulgarian Tourist Alliance for all my alpine activity and hut's building. I still keep this as one of my precious prizes.
I've been traveled all over the world. I've seen a lot of nice places on our planet. But I always return to my Bulgarian Mountains, which I love and which are giving me physical and spiritual energy.
Me and my wife,speleologist and tourist, handed down to our children the love that we have for our nature. We hope that this tradition will continue to our grandchildren.

We speak fluently Russian, French and German.
Our will is to make you touch the beauty of Bulgarian Mountains and to share your enthusiasm of those magnificent things of the powerful and the eternal NATURE